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Massage Therapy Training

What will I study in Massage Therapy School?

Though each Massage Therapy program covers its own unique presentation of skills and expertise, there are also general areas of curriculum you can expect to cover.

As you train to become a Massage Therapist, you will study anatomy, which is the study of the human body. You will also study physiology, the study of functions and processes of organs and their systems, and pathology, which is the study of disease. In order to be a successful Massage Therapist, it is crucial to have a firm grasp on the science behind this form of therapy. 

Your Massage Therapy training will probably also cover an exploration of the history and philosophy of massage. You should also expect to learn about the ethical and spiritual principles involved with your work. This part of your training allows you to combine scientific knowledge with the art of this career field. As a result, you will be a well-rounded and better Massage Therapist. 

Of course, you will also spend a lot of time learning and practicing massage techniques. Another important aspect of your practical training will include learning how to properly test, evaluate, and assess your client's needs. This could also involve nutrition classes. Knowing all there is to know about massage therapy does not conclude your training! You must also posses the practical skills - the skills that physically enable to provide an excellent services to your clients. 

Finally, part of your Massage Therapy training experience will likely include the study of business. Business knowledge will only enhance your opportunities, decision making abilities, and success as you begin your career as a Massage Therapist!

Massage Therapy training will provide you with the tools you need to enjoy a flourishing career. All schools are different, but regardless of which school you choose to attend, you will have a broad and thorough knowledge of Massage Therapy!

Schools to consider: