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Personality Traits of A Successful Massage Therapist

Recognizing an interest in nurturing others brings people into many service-oriented professions. To be a successful massage therapist, there are personable qualities that go hand in hand with a business that thrives. 

Most therapists notice a desire to nurture and care for others when deciding what they want to do for a living; however this is not the only characteristic that leads to a successful career as a masseuse. 

Successful massage therapists are greatly dedicated. Therapists who are dedicated to clients and client satisfaction will see returning customers. Dedication is evident when the masseuse is prepared for a session, eager to serve the client’s needs, and willing to answer any questions the client might have sincerely and honestly. 

Go the extra mile by sending out a monthly newsletter with tips and helpful information to educate regular clients. Show that you care.

Be outgoing and wear a smile! Personable people are always well-liked. 

Appear jovial when the client arrives and excited to serve their needs. Make the client feel welcome and appreciated. Inquisitive massage therapists serve best. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Getting to know your clients is a step in the right direction. 

Massage therapists are in the business to heal and comfort. The most essential personality trait is presenting a passion for what you do. Show that you care and are there to serve them by listening to their ailments and concerns with genuine compassion. Clients look for a personable relationship with a masseuse they trust. Be that person and you will have a returning customer.  

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