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Thai Massage

Thai massage originated over 2500 years ago and is attributed the personal physician of the Buddha for its development. A combination of Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan medicine, the methods of this therapeutic massage were preserved by the Buddhist monks as traditional Thai healing. Thai massage makes use of the channels or meridians that ancient Asian healers charted in fixed positions in each person and which carry the life force of energy throughout the body. These are the same meridians and corresponding pressure points used by acupuncturists today. Thai massage also uses yoga-like stretches and assisted positions.

A Thai massage is performed on a mat placed upon the floor. It involves a series of supported stretches, similar to yoga positions, in which the therapist uses many parts of his/her own body and rhythmically pulls, massages and extends the patient’s body. Thai massage is intended to stimulate the pressure points of the meridians of the body, so energy will flow freely throughout, as well as work the physical parts of the body also. At the conclusion of a session, both the therapist and the client will feel relaxed and energized at the same time. Students will come to understand the foundation of knowledge and techniques of this ancient massage.

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Thai Massage

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